Energy Star SD-9254SS Built-In Dishwasher reviews

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Both the wife and the husband work, so they don’t have time to do household chores, including dishwashing. This is why settle on for a kitchen appliance to making things easier. There are many kinds of dishwashers available to select from, but one of the most reliable and sought after one is the Energy Star SD-9254SS Built-In Dishwasher.

Energy Star SD-9254SS Built-In Dishwasher reviews

Who Can Buy and Benefit from this Product?

The Energy Star SD-9254SS Built-In Dishwasher is ideal for everyone as it provides the conveniences and option of a full-sized dishwasher in a slimmer, smaller package. It comes with six wash cycle options and has a delayed start so you can set it and start a cycle if you are out or asleep. If you are searching for a space-saving option dishwasher, then you need to choose this one. It runs quietly so as not to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of your home.

Product Description

State of the art Energy Star SD-9254SS is a compact, robust stainless dishwasher available. It only measures 18 inches wide, making it easy to fit in your small kitchen and revolutionizing the way you clean dishes.

This is a bit smaller than conventional dishwashers that you might find in the market. Even if the size is small, don’t underestimate the power of difference. This is a game-changer dishwasher for all kinds of households, particularly those living in a limited space. You can set it up in any sized kitchen and has lots of space to take benefit of. The size makes this dishwasher the best choice for office

This is made by Sunpentown, a brand which is proving to be a worthy competitor to the renowned names in the appliance industry. This is ideal for those who are interested in having the best performance of a built in dishwasher for a very reasonable price.

Product Features

This product has so many things to offer. A quick scan to its features will show you why you must consider this in your kitchen. So, here are the features of this dishwasher.

  • Smart Wash Technology: if a partial load of a bit soiled utensils is put in the dishwasher, a wash cycle is the same to a quick wash will instantly be carried out. Once a full load of heavily soiled dishes is put inside the unit, a heavy wash cycle will be performed automatically. This dishwasher is smart as it can determine the kind of cycle needed to clean your dishes and clean efficiently every time.
  • Lightweight: This only measures 22.1 by 17.5 by 32.2 and weighs 54 lbs. It is compact enough to take up just a small space in your kitchen.
  • Control Console: The Frigidaire FFCD2418US 24 Inch Built in Dishwasher has a full panel, digital control console. You can pick from one of the six different wash cycles: heavy, normal, All-in-1, speed, light, and rinse. The panel takes account of the rinse agent warning sign that reminds you to fill it prior to getting too slow. There is also an error alarm, which shows the error code, the nature of the malfunction as well as suggestions for troubleshooting.
  • Trays and Baskets: This comes with essential accessories and parts needed to get your cutlery and utensils clean. These take account of two pull out racks, upper on that is easy to adjust to accommodate big plates and pots. It also comes with two spray arms for complete cleaning coverage, a silverware basket to hold essential silverware utensils, and auto-dispensers for detergent as well as a rinse agent.
  • Time Delay: You can set it to work a wash cycle. This feature goes up to twenty-four hours. This enables you to ensure the dishes are clean enough, even if you’re not home. If you are on the go, load it, set the time delay, and your dishes will be clean and used again.

Other Essential Features

It also comes with heating works during the drying cycle. It is also equipped with a rinse aid warning indicator, a refill reminder on rinse air. There is also a stainless steel tub, which is tough, cleaner as well as quieter than plastic. It is silent and is able to wash hygienically at high temperatures. Also, it is resistant to dirt and staining that avoids terrible odors. It operates quietly at 52 dBA, dual spray arms for comprehensive cleaning coverage, energy star qualified, meaning it meets or goes beyond federal rules and energy efficiency guidelines for money savings.

Pros and Cons

Like many other types of built-in dishwashers out there, the SD-9252SS built-in dishwasher also comes with advantages and disadvantages. These include:


  • It comes with a delayed start feature
  • Quiet operation at only 52 DbA
  • Space-saving option for a small apartment and kitchen


  • Limited capacity


Energy Star SD-9254SS is one of the best built-in dishwashers available today. It is packed with essential features but can be obtained at a price that will not break your bank account. This will indeed make your life easier.